All stories of Chris Antista will go on this page.

  • 1 Pissing on and wearing his Katamari shirt
  • 6 Hallucinated to Dr. Mario could have been Hobo-raped
  • 19 Donkey Kong Country 2 shoplifting (1995)
  • 21 Poo Story
  • 38 Castro Goonies Black Lexus Niko molestation (2009)
  • 46 Dog Shitting on own balls outside an abandoned arcade.
  • 62 Grandpa phone fapping story
  • 75 Crazy Chinese Delivery Story that ended with a knife at his throat
  • 87 Dumb girlfriend
  • 93 Girlfriend resenting him due to Final Fantasy XIII binge
  • 105 Discovering masturbation the same time he was getting into GreenDay
  • 107 Wanted to fuck Smurfette before he knew about fucking
  • 108 masturbation to Eek the Cat
  • 123 Beginning Hatred of TalkRadar Quotes
  • 116 masturbating at church
  • 134 First blowjob story (1994)
  • 140 Sour Cream Shoplifting

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