Emo Jazz musician that was first concieved by Chris Antista in TalkRadar 66. Bleeding Hat McGillicutty, Gumfoot Aris, and Pussy Urethra Jones are just about interchangeable. He rementioned in TalkRadar 100 for 100 Things about TalkRadar.

-Has a collection of poetry written in high school algebra he wishes to have someday published

-Knows that Sonic don't know nothing 'bout the blues

-Firm believer that electricity starts with an "L" and when it goes out it is very clearly the work of the Devil.

-Brett first named him Ol' 'Lectric Guy

-Tyler nicknamed him Ol' Makin-Tyler-Pee-His-Pants

-May or may not be related to Zesty McGillicutty, a stripper at the Cranky Boner.

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