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Showcases Brett Elston's date master skills. However he is not infallible, and sometimes screws up dates. Example Wipeout being release November of 1997, when its actually November of 1995.

  • TalkRadar 3: Prince of Persia and Beyond Good and Evil came out the same year. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 6: Says Mass Effect takes place in the 23rd century. (WRONG! It takes place in 2183, therefore 22nd century.)
  • TalkRadar 22: Said Starship Troopers opening night was November 7, 1997. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 23: Said Wipeout came out 1997, and was proven wrong by himself in TalkRadar 98. (WRONG! It was 1995.)
  • TalkRadar 33: Mentioned that Street Fighter II was released on Summer of 1992. He also mentioned the N64 was released on September of 1996. (2x CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 36: Mentioned that the SNES was released on September of 1991, that Chrono Trigger was released on August 1995, and that Medal of Honor Frontline was released on May 2002 (3x CORRECT!).
  • TalkRadar 37: Rygar Fall 2002 (CORRECT! At least for the PS2 version).
  • TalkRadar 44: Columbine happened April 20th, 1999 on a Tuesday and also KMFDM's Audios came out. (3x CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 55: Perfect Dark May 2000. (CORRECT! See? We DO listen.)
  • TalkRadar 59: PS2 North American Release Date: October 26th 2000.(CORRECT! )
  • TalkRadar 61: Super Mario Galaxy came out on my birthday November 12. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 62: Final Fantasy VI October of 1994. (CORRECT!)
  • TalKRadar 67: GBA launch June of 2001. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 70: Beauty and the Beast November 1991, The Lion King SNES on 1994, Aladdin on 1993 and Duck Tales on 1989. (4x CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 71: Batman came out on 1989. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 73: Said Hollow Man was released in theatres August 6th, 2000. (WRONG! Actually August 4th, 2000. [However only being off by 2 days of something that happened 9 years ago, gives some credit to Brett's date.])
  • TalkRadar 74: Said the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson was born October 15, 1959. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 75: The X-Files movie came out on July 19, 1998. (WRONG! It's June 19th)
  • TalkRadar 78: Fight Club October 22, 1999. PS1 9/9/95 on a Saturday. (2x CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 96: Medal of Honor Airborne 2006. (WRONG!) September 4th, 2007)
  • TalkRadar 98: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition January 2007 (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 98: PlayStation launched on September 9th, 1995. It was Saturday. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 98: Halo 2 November 2004. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 98: Super Mario Kart(?) 1993. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 101: Lost Planet came after Gears of War. (CORRECT!)
  • TalkRadar 102: PS2 October 26th, 2000. (CORRECT!))
  • TalkRadar 110: Trespasser 1993. Corrected by Mikel Reparaz. (WIKIPARAZED!)
  • TalkRadar 115: Donkey Kong Country Nov 21. (CORRECT!)

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