Barratt Bachelor Party

Charlie Barratt's Bachelor Party

On TalkRadar 120 , Brett secretly announced that the gang was gong to surprise Charlie Barratt with a trip to Vegas to Celebrate the end of his bachelorhood. the guests included, Charlie Barratt , Chris Antista , Brett Elston , Mikel Reparaz , and Tyler Wilde . Brett stated that the plan was to email everyone Friday for a meeting to go over the articles and features for the next month. Once Charlie realized the ruse, everyone would jump into a cab, go to the airport and check into the Luxor Hotel . Chris told listeners to follow the gang on twitter because there might be nudity. Brett followed up that there may be a regret or two as well.

The Bachelor Party was a big success. Charlie and Mikel started and/or restarted smoking. Escalator alarms were set off. Chris got kicked out of a strip for texting his girlfriend that "he loved her more than these big tittied bitches" and being a smart ass to security. Brett got his DS stimulated by an Asian stripper who proclaimed she would "love him long time." Chris and Tyler did an interpretive dance to "Proud to be and American " at the patriotic water show of the Bellagio Hotel that ended with Tyler yelling, "Fuck This! Canada Rules!" Tyler also fell and puked his brains out onto some rocks. The trip ended with Charlie being lost "Hangover" style at the airport, only to show up in the nick of time for boarding.

Batman5273 and flabslapper from the TalkRadar Forums took it upon themselves to create a video in the spirit of the movie "The Hangover." What resulted was a well received Fan Art video that cleverly took real audio from TalkRadar 120, the gang's pics from twitter and photoshopped pics from "The Hangover" ending credit complete with soundtrack provided by Flo Rida's "Right Round ." The Video was talked about in the first segment of TalkRadar 121 and made it on the header page.

The Real PicsEdit


The TalkRadar Hangover PicsEdit

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