List of commericals that played during break for TalkRadar

Episode 3: Nintendo Power commercial

Episode 5: Old Mountain Dew commerical.

Episode 6: Down with Zelda

Episode 8: Saturday morning cartoons right after these messages.

Episode 15: House of the Dead Commerical

Episode 19: Donkey Kong brand cereal

Episode 28: Sonic and Knuckles

Episode 31: Commercial Wrestling NES

Episode 33: Sonic 2 commericial

Episode 35: Playing with power, Mike Tyson punchout

Episode 36: Mega Man Sunday Cartoon

Episode 40: Smurfs on Atari 2600 or Intellavision

Episode 41: Down with Zelda

Episode 45: Street Fighter 2 and Super Punchout commerical

Episode 46: Mario Paint

Episode 48: Gameboy

Episode 51: Left Behind Eternal Forcers

Episode 52: Gamecube $99

Episode 56: Atari 2600 ET

Episode 57: Sega Genesis 2 Sonics price of one

Episode 64: Mario Party N64 and N64 new colors

Episode 68: Dreamcast Shenmue, Chu Chu rocket, and Sonic Adventure

Episode 85: Tomb Raider

Episode 88: Arethra Franklin NES ad Dr. Mario scat

Episode 91: Final Fantasy 3 US

Episode 101: Down with Zelda Rap

Episode 109: Splatterhouse turbographx 16

Episode 114: Joe Montana Sports Talk Football

Episode 116: Metroid commercial

Episode 122: Wave Race 64

Episode 128: Duke Nukem 3D.

Episode 130: Empire Strikes Back and Mickey Mania Genesis

Episode 132: Ken Griffy Junior Baseball and Donkey Kong

Episode 133: Sly commerical RC ProAm

Episode 134: Batman Forever Atari Lynx

Episode 138 Tiger Handheld games

Episode 139: Punisher NES

Episode 154: Orson Welles Pabst Blue Ribbon

Episode 157: Robin and Zelda Williams Ocarina of Time 3DS

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