Dave "Meiks" Meikleham is the resident Scotsman of the GamesRadar offices.

He is famous for misinterpreting and then getting the TalkRadar UK QOTW

wrong. He is an avid fan of nearly anything related to Metal Gear or Team ICO.

Also known as Uncle Dave when he runs a Smarties classroom, used to lure in little children and teach them about being Scottish.

Unfortunately, Dave was fatally gunned down by a mysterious assassin, under the cover of darkness, during the end of Episode #76; this left the other four hosts to somberly dragged his limp body out of the podcasting room, for possible cremation.


  • Is the Scottish King of Dates.
  • Can almost never seem to get the Question of the Week right, unless he is going over it live on the podcast.
  • Is the most likely member of TRUK to spoil the endings in games, usually in a roundabout way.
  • Apparently has terrible eyesight like a mole, yet complains about jagged graphics on his giant 1080p TV.
  • Was singled out as the first to be killed and/or eaten if the TR UK podcast team were trapped in the recording room, solely on the basis of being the only Scotsman.
  • Likes to "Stealth dosey-do" James Jarvis.

Games associated with Dave M from the podcastEdit

  • ICO
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • PES
  • Metal Gear

Twitter: McMeiksy

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