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Date: July 9th, 2010

Length: 2:24:32

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Tyler Wilde, and Tyler Nagata.

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: Are We There Yet?

Closing Words: Chris Antista: "Word everybody!" *Lion roar*

Closing Song: Quizocalypse Trailer Song

Content Covered:

  • Top 7 Movie Genres games should try next
  • Crackdown 2 Super Review
  • Blizzard's Real ID and why Privacy is a joke
    • Who will be the stalker murderer for GamesRadar?
    • If so who is disposable? Chris nominates Brett, much to his displeasure...
    • Chris and Tyler Wilde live in the same apartment room (Double Kill)
    • Tyler Nagata lives in the same apartment complex (Triple Kill)
  • Tales of Monkey Island
  • Brett Elston's exploding pool

Notable Facts:

  • Chris gives db1331 the official title of "FuckButt".

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • "Your next assignment Agent, is another variation on Mexicans." [53:36]
    • Anyone who has a cold an is on medicine should call the TalkRadar Hotline.
    • No offense to NPR but their videogame podcast sucks.
    • "Listen up Agent, if they're brown, take them down." [53:48]
    • on their interview with Mr. Rogers: "It'll be whoever can do the best impression, and chances are it'll be Lizzie."
    • Look for my game coming to XBLA HellButt.
    • It would never occur to me to annoy you at your house.
    • The Excorism. It never occured to me it was a Christian throwing magic.
    • The worse thing Mel Gibson can do is make another Jesus movie.
    • the best thing that would happen to any of us is taking a bullet or stab wound for TalkRadar. It would be huge.
    • If any of you want to sacrifice the rest of your life by putting one of us in the hospital, Especiall Brett.
    • Grizzlyman a failed actor closested gay man that escaped to the woods to get away from society that hates him only to be eaten by a bear.
      • T-Nag "That sounds like a grizzly movie."
    • Rockstar the Mark Whalberg Documentary. It's so hilariously horrible, it seems it should be on Funny or Die as a fake documentary to a fake band.
      • Brett "That seems like his career."
  • Brett Elston
    • MetaClitic
    • So I'm living in the basement which was my dad's workshop until my mom said no, so my dad built a building in protest.
    • Crackdown 2 has no setup. There's zombies I guess.
    • In Gears everybody looks like Adobo.
  • Tyler Wilde
    • Crackdown 2 is like a kid given an extra week for a project, and the project is even worse.
    • I would love it if someone decided to stalk me with a knife. That would be adorable.
  • Tyler Nagata
    • Be prepared because tonight is T squared.
    • They are like the people who thought they can teach Valve a lesson who boycotted Left 4 Dead 2.
      • Brett "Valve sure felt that."
    • The maze is one of those good free games. There is no microtransactions.
    • Freddy Kruger was scary before he went all Looney Toons.
      • attempts to imitate the Sheepy Horn sound effect, and Chris misconstrues it as a racial stereotype towards Italians."WOB WOBWABWA!"
        • C.A.: Who just said "wop" in dis room? Who called me dat?!?
        • T.N.:....Errr....Me...
        • C.A.: I'll give you one-a-deez! *GONG* Hows'zat feel?
        • T.A.: Oh! San Kyu very very much.
        • C.A.: I got my papers. [1:02:24]

Question of the Week: Favorite summertime game memory?

  • Tyler Nagata- Gauntlet Legends
  • Brett Elston- Starfox 64 and his pool rupturing
  • Tyler Wilde- Everquest
  • Chris Antista- Battlefield Vietnam Hot in Florida, so he took his shirt off and it felt like he was in Vietnam

Other Questions asked by the Community

  • Least favorite boss you fought in a game?
    • Brett Elston - A boss from Chrono Cross
    • Tyler Wilde - A Mega Man boss on a Game Boy game
    • Chris Antista- 2nd to last level in Viewtiful Joe facing all the old bosses again
  • Game Obsession?
    • Tyler Wilde - Everquest
    • Chris Antista - Blast Corps
    • Tyler Nagata - WoW in peak hours
    • Brett Elston - Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Link: Episode 109

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