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Date: January 21st 2011

Length: 2:29:16

Hosts: Chris, Mikel, Henry

Special Guest(s): Scott Butterworth

Intro: The Big Bang Theory

Closing Words: "Heyyyyyyy." -Scott

Closing Song: DJ Beto Ceba - Final Fantasy XIII Battle Theme Remix

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Chris Antista realizes that tits aren't worth the price when factoring hot sexy dudes like Tom Hardy.
  • Mikel bangs his knee against the table/ howls in pain again [00:42:32]... just like he did in Episode 116.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • "Grandma, helicopter has hell in it, why don't we call it heavenicopters?" - mentioned on stage in church.
    • TalkRadar After Dark is only available for subscribers who donated $200 or more.
    • It makes her wet. Are we talking about the daughter or the wife?
    • We're superheroes. We don't care what our parents think of who we date.
    • "My grandma has a twitter. It links to her porn site."
    • "If I can go back to me wanting to be gay, I hate liking tits. I hate that I have to look at them and want to do things with them. Oftentimes I'll get there and I'll think... this wasn't worth it. This wasn't worth it at all. [Mikel: "Wasn't worth what?"] It wasn't worth all the weird stuff, the pills in the drink. It wasn't worth it." [Starts 1:38:43]
    • "I'm an ass guy anyway. Which means I can easily make the transition to men!"
    • David Carridine is forced to raom the earth jerking off.
    • Ninja Theory I promise your next game is going to get a 10.
    • My testicle is hidden in the next issue of PTOM.
    • "Jews and pancakes.."
      • Henry "Control the world!"
    • "Henry is my engineer."
      • Mikel "That means he can only make stationary gun turrets."
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • Church people are like Kotaku, it's like "Oh man, there's a god shaped cake here!"
    • "I would kiss a jet pack on the lips."
    • Transbay Terminal. Imagine the filthest bathroom and make a building out of it.
      • Chris "Then multiply it by cement and vagina."
      • Mikel "Homeless mug you then rape you over a toilet."
    • You know what's awesome? Mandatory firmware that updates every week.
    • @Chris Did you tell your girlfriend that doing that is being stupid and fat?
      • Chris "No!"
  • Henry Gilbert
    • "I don't understand why in their school they would use the Arabic alphabet anyway, for their scores."

Question of the Week: What game company would you like to work for?

  • Hank - Scriptwriter for billion companies.
  • Mikel - LucasArts
  • Scott - Harmonix
  • Chris - Rockstar, Ninja Theory or Nintendo

Link: Episode 135

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