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TDar 156

TDar 156

Date: May 27, 2011

Length: 1:38:30

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Tyler, Charlie and Henry

Special Guest(s):

Intro: The Larry Sanders Show

Closing Words: Tyler: "I love you. Goodnight, and good luck."

Closing Song: Chessmaster

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Tyler Wilde's last episode while working at GamesRadar
  • Hosts talk about their middle names (1:13:50)

Funny Stories and Quotes:

Chris Antista

  • Kung Fu Panda 2 on Kinect, have you played it Charlie?
  • I get it we all want to work for Mr. Decker.
  • Wait a week, it will be cheaper.
  • They were triple uncircumsized. They had an afterskin.
  • Hobos drive in corrugated cardboard jalopy.
  • Jesus does not hate you for masturbating, Jesus does find it disgusting wiping cum off your belly.
    • Henry "That's just sloppy."
    • Chris "What if I want to get itpast my bicep?"
  • You are filthy Charlie. You and me together.
  • Even if I'm in a olane, I want to get sperm over my shoulder.
  • TalkRadar the Movie. It isn't a movie but it is.
  • Leave it to Charlie for a more depressing analogy.
  • What are your post rapture plans?
    • Charlie "I'll be the only one here in heaven."

Brett Elston

  • There's 2 Mexican gangs and you kill all of them.
  • Tyler's been raptured to PC Gamer.
  • I'm annexing the desk for the rest of of my Iron Man figures. I'm gonna bring all my GI Joes, all my Iron Man, and all my Star Trek ships.
  • Because I have every starship they made into a toy which is really cool.

Tyler Wilde

  • Pick it up and shoot them.
  • If you buy L.A. Noire used, some of the cases are already finished.
  • If TalkRadar sucks you can listen to the PC Gamer podcast.
  • I'm spending E3 introducing myself.
  • Lazer Time with Tyler Wilde ended before it began.
  • Bolo Brett, I know more than you.
  • I live with Chris. We only have 1 shower which means we have to shower together. I mean that because that was Chris tells me.
    • Charlie "Does Tyler Nagata join you?"
    • Tyler "Yes it's a crowded shower."
  • I'm getting an operation to get my consoles removed.
  • An intern at PC Gamer got e something from Subway.
  • Logan Decker is a character that eats orphans.
  • I said whatever and Logan turns around and stares at me.
  • When are you yelling at your interns and when are you joking?
  • He forgot about the pre production phase of the Rapture.
  • That's what they had for parkour in the 40s.
  • It's post Nazi WWII pipes.
  • L.A. Noire was not written in the 40s.
  • Working at PC Gamer my mouse and keyboard glow.

Charlie Barratt

  • I've already sold it to Gamestop.
  • Is that a PS3 exclusive?
  • You don't write newspapers in the post apocalypse world, you leave audio diaries.
  • Is it true dicks were black and white in the 40s?
  • They were colorized in the 60s.
  • The whole goodbye should be fuck you PC Gamer.

Henry Gilbert

  • I've ignored every Dreamcast film.
  • They were black or white.
  • I didn't know in the late 40's that everyone climbed storm drains.
  • The clue collecting is a million times better than Heavy Rain.
  • If I was a cop and I saw a gun in the house when I was about to interview for a murder, if they were involved in the murder I would point a gun at them until theyadmitted they did it.

Question of the Week: What's your most remembered in-game death?

  • Charlie: Maria Santiago in Gears of War 2
  • Henry: Nicole Brennan in Dead Space
  • Chris: John Marston in Red Dead Redemption; Rookie Cops in L.A. Noire
  • Tyler: Alyx Vance in Half Life 2: Episode 2; GLaDOS in Portal.
  • Brett: Celes Chere in Final Fantasy VI

Link: TalkRadar 156

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