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Date: June 21, 2011

Length: 1:18:46

Hosts: Chris, Mikel, Henry

Special Guest(s):

Intro: Freaks and Geeks

Closing Words: "World of Tanks!"

Closing Song: Team Teamwork - Knockin' Doors Down (Ocarina of Rhyme)

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

Funny stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • I wonder when the days are going to come where only one person is able to do it. That's the only way I will sincerely cry on the show.
    • I want to film a King of Kong with you but with Voltron and Wheel Warriors.
    • This CAX, Billy Mitchell not there, Steve Wiebe not there, but all those pathetic sick offantic people will be there signing 1 autograph per hour.
    • I sharted so big into a bathing suit.
    • It wasn't a shit stain, it was a shart.
    • In case you know, shitting yourself is shark repellant.
    • I surf routine everyday.
    • Let me tell you about the girl who liked to suck dick like an osterich.
    • Back then they had floppy tits.
    • Fantastic Four worse superhero movie ever made. They go to a Motocross concert.
    • How do you create a distraction when you are invisible?
    • Let's hire Diana
      • Henry "We can let her do cheats."
    • FIFA Federation of International Football America?
      • Mikel "If it doesn't have america it isn't relevant."
  • Mikel Reparaz
    • It will just be you monologing into the microphone.
    • The conceit is you are lost in space searching for anyone and you find no one.
    • That is the opposite of the soul of wit.
    • We fired Tyler Wilde so hard he went to PC Gamer.
  • Henry Gilbert
    • I think the soul of wit is explaining things too much.
    • Back then you had to watch unfunny sex comedies to see tits. Before science.
    • I thought everything was overrated except the first 2 albums of Weezer I like.

Link: TalkRadar 159: In brightest day...

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