TDar 165

TalRadar 165

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Date: July 15, 2011

Length: 2:02:28

Hosts: Chris, Mikel and Brett

Special Guest(s): Andy Bauman

Intro: Jurassic Park

Closing Words: Chris: "Ha, bye."

Closing Song: Gremlins

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • First official appearance of Andy Bauman
  • Brett created a song to coincide with the Jurrassic Park theme (Ryu Vs M.Bison related)
  • The end of the podcast was eaten by evil technology
  • Cave Man Gamer, CaveNomi, worked on titles like Rockvania.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • “I told a girl I had Aids one time” 1:16:00-1:20:50
  • What is wrong with TalkRadar 1:24:00-1:48:50

Chris Antista

  • Back when he was white and alright (Andy in the 90s)
  • (Fallout: New Vegas) I exercise my choice to turn off a game that broke on me 2 times in the first couple of minutes while being BORING
    • Andy: That’s part of the charm man
    • Brett: Dude, Obsidian stayed up all night putting those bugs in
  • (Nintendo Chewies) Take away the fake fruit flavor and it’s just the smell of a condom
    • Brett: That’s not a smell I want in my nose!
    • Mikel: why would you want to protect yourself? That’s horrible
  • That's Jerk-worthy

Brett Elston

  • It’s not up to the Re-bar-raz
  • (Shadows of the Damned) Why are you riding a chandelier? Why? Shut the fuck up with why? The whole morale of the game was shut up don’t ask just fucking enjoy it.
  • (To Chris) Do you have anything else to talk about that’s not your wiener?
    • Chris: NO, it’s so unattended too.
    • Mikel: They make Prostitutes for that.

Mikel Reparaz

  • (On Playstation Move) Throw it on the ground and stomp on it. There, it’s improved
  • I’m horrified every time I see myself on screen, who the fuck is that fat goliath.
  • (On being shown Journey at E3) The show was coming apart, It was like Metroid at the end when everything is exploding.
    • Brett: Her name is Samus, Mikel…
  • Dude most of the shitheads on Youtube talk over their game videos. Any Let’s Play video thing is like “How you doing Youtube? I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted last time but today we’re going to talk about Sesame Street 1-2-3.”

Andy Bauman

Just go to the Bart Station on 16th and mission there’s some chick out there spraying herself with Perfume, if you want to fuck a white chick.

(On complaints of TDar)I hope the first one isn’t about not having enough dicks in here.

QTOW NONE due to podcast F-Ups 1:48:50-END

Link: TalkRadar 165 - Lost Innocence

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