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TalkRadar 168

TalkRadar 168

Date: July 29, 2011

Length: 1:47:37

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Henry and Charlie

Special Guest(s): none

Intro: No Holds Barred

Closing Words: "Let's see if we're all employed next week!" - Chris

Closing Song: Intro song to Solstice for the NES

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • The crew made mention of making a commentary track behind the Dead Island eps.
  • Talk about Dead Island Secret Origins, and Netflix conflicting prices, Hulu/Blockbuster, Star Trek.
  • Prey 2 Preview 20:00-28:40

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Brett's Broken finger/High School Priorities 1:38:00 -1:45:40

Chris Antista

  • (Bonesquaw voice) I am questions with fists, I am Bounty Hunter.
  • We had to watch Cum-Punk beat somebody [1:09:50]

Henry Gilbert

  • Tommy Stormfeather? (Prey 1 character)
  • Why would you ever want to live in the south? The guy's a grownup by choice you would never want to live in the south unless you're retarded or hate blacks.
  • (Smurfs) They should call that movie bottom of the barrel

Brett Elston

  • (On Chris' cigarette stealing story) Do you know how many years you put big tabacco back because you stole that rack of cigarettes? [1:28:10]
    • Chris: I feel really bad about it, I'm sorry RJ, I'm sorry uhh
    • I'm sorry Mr. Marbarro

Charlie Barratt

Question of the Week: Question 168 - When's a video game gotten you in trouble? 1:23:00-1:

  • Brett: Cursing while playing Double Dragon II.
  • Henry: Cursing while playing a WCW game.
  • Chris: His friends fought each other while playing Jackal.

Link: Talkradar 168

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