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Date: August 02, 2011

Length: 01:25:27

Hosts: Chris, Henry, Tyler N, Matt

Special Guest(s): Gary Steinman (for all of five minutes)

Intro: Deckard Cain from Diablo

Closing Words: Chris: Cause other websites don't have the balls to play this let alone close with their shows with it.

Closing Song: Gargamel from Smurfs Dance Party

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Chris tries to shoehorn a Human Centipede picture for a Netflix article for Tyler N.

Funny Stories And Quotes:

Chris Antista

  • It was a Guy taking a dump in a ladies' mouth, you couldn't see all that happening on the screen [33:55]
  • A human insentive-Pede [34:30]
  • I would rather hear about Diablo then talk about the Smurfs [1:12:30]
  • (About Smurf Canon) It's Fucking Smurfs! The people who substitutes every verb for their species name. It's the dumbest show of all time [1:14:20]
  • (Gargamel) It just looks like a grown man, all by himself tormenting rodents.Which is the most pathetic villian, aweful Jew Stereotype in something thats already confused in a Marxist parabol with arian allegories about purifing women. [1:16:20]

Henry Gilbert

  • I'm from the south! I'm a southerner I can say these things! [20:50]
    • Gary Steinman-It was Sunday afternoon, I'm home alone. I'm in the kitchen chopping onions, and frying up chick peas trying to make a healthy dinner then I hear this racist invectave. it just derailed every yo get bit of helpfulness that I try to get into to and I had to turn as they say "durogas." [21:00]
  • Well are we going to Smurf? [1:12:10]

Tyler Nagata

  • (Diablo 3 Auction House names) Planet of the Whale, Pants of Healing, heart of Greswald [1:06:20]

Matt Keast

  • (Adele) What makes her a legitimate artist is that she's fat [3:55]
  • Henry heard strategy game and fell asleep [44:15]
  • (Gargamel finding the Smurf Village) If he could he would kick the shit out of it [1:16:55]
  • (Who let the Smurfs out? Song) This reminds me of a hierarchy of failed musicians.You pick up the guitar in High School and become a rock star, when you fail you become a music teacher. If you fail harder you become a studio musician. Then you fail harder and you write commercial jingles and then you produce Smurfs' Dance Party. [1:19:45]
  • When I hear that I picture a guy sitting at a soundmixing board with a gun in his mouth. One hand is messing with the dials and the other is stroking the trigger. [1:20:15]

Link: TalkRadar 169

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