TalkRadar 176

TalkRadar 176

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Date: September 2, 2011

Length: 1:58:58

Hosts: Chris, Brett, Mikel, Henry and Tyler

Special Guest(s): Three special guest appeared via phone to roast Brett. Dan Amrich, Carolyn Gudmundson, and Charlie Barratt

Intro: None

Closing Words: Everyone: "Bye"

Closing Song: Yasunori Mitsuda - Radical Dreamers (Chrono Cross ending)

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Brett's final episode working at GamesRadar
  • It was announced that the podcast would be returning to the once a week format

Funny Stories and Quotes:

Chris Antista

  • Don't be jealous of Tyler Wilde it still takes a month for him to talk to his readers.
  • You should always support people that entertain you.
  • We're going to get into the new multiplayer Zelda game for the Top 7.

Brett Elston

  • Brett Elston online community manager for Capcom.
  • I know the fate and the reason why it happens.

Mikel Reparaz

Tyler Wilde

  • I had to miss it because I was at Notch's party.
  • GamesRadar they now have their content meetings on mic.
  • I talked about American when I was hanging out with Tim Willis. He made Quake.

Henry Gilbert

  • I'm given all the dumb Nintendo games to review.
  • [Sad quote] My heart hurts, I'm sad.
    • (Chris) Me too.

Link: TalkRadar 176 - radical dreamers

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