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Date: December 02, 2011

Length: 2:08:39

Hosts: Mikel, Henry, Cooper, and Chris

Special Guest(s): none

Intro: Grand Theft Auto IV

Closing Words: Mikel: Alright that’s our show, see you next week

Closing Song: Mother 3’s "Wess Dance"

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Cooper, when talking about QTOW mentioned his dad is was gamer, and still is today.
  • A Game Deals Remix! By TomBrienProfessional

Funny Stories and Quotes:

Chris Antista

Mikel Reparaz

Hollander Cooper

Henry Gilbert

  • Thanksgiving break! 3:11–17:35
  • Link is more Japanese 10:35-11:45
  • Archie Comics is rather racist 34:30-38:20
  • Anal Salt 1:47:40-1:48:50

Chris Antista

  • (Serious Sam 3) The game just doesn't give a fuck about being anything important in a review. How's the story? It sucks, but it's awesome. How's the enemies? THERE'S FIVE!
    • Cooper: But it's like there's five but one of them is a headless guy with bombs in their handsthat runs and screams BUT THERE'S LIKE 300 OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME!!
  • I don't agree with firing Charlie that close to Christmas.
    • Mikel: You just can't rack up that many sexual harassment complaints. When he tore his sweater open and hooting ape-like and pressing way too close to the female Gamesradar employee who shall remain nameless.
    • Cooper: *Cough* Mike Grimm.
    • He walked too close to everyone's desk and I'm positive that he knew his testicles were showing.
    • Cooper: You can't have no pants without showing them.
    • Mikel: Was that the day he came in wearing nothing but a belt?
    • Yes! He was going to paint on a shirt and no one was going to say anything.
  • (To Henry) You gave that sigh like I yelled Jew at restaurant.
  • I played Need For Speed: The Run which I think I hate.
  • Why did some say (Serious Sam 3) BFE is Bumble-fuck Eqypt?
    • Cooper: It looks like it takes place in Bumble-fuck Egypt.
    • Mikel: Are there pyramids? Well I don't think Bumble-fuck Egypt has pyramids.
    • Cooper: At the same time if you're a snarky game dev trying to make a snarky title, you can't call it fucking Egypt.
  • (Serious Sam 3) It's a much better Duke Nukem than Duke Nukem.
  • I know everything that goes on here. (Gamesradar)
    • Mikel: And yet you do nothing.
  • I think it's more concerning that the biggest TalkRadar fans right now are people that don't own any technology.
    • Cooper: I play on Hoop and Stick!

Mikel Reparaz

  • Waggle is the language of love.
  • I like being called Mr. Reparaz. It's like I'm a math teacher.
  • Assassin's Creed is kind of horrible. (Load times)
    • Cooper: What, you don't like walking forward slowly in a blue computer room for 90 seconds?
  • That's a grown up Jughead talking to his kid on how to be a ladies' man.
    • Chris:(On ensuing rap with the song "Sugar Sugar") It's more 80's than 1985.
  • (On why Archie needs to be a game) There are 8 year old girls that need to connect to pedophiles.
  • I thought (Cherry Blossom) was a racist Asian thing.
  • That's what Mario Kart was missing, Guilds!
  • Kinectdians?
  • I was pretty advanced for my age; I was the youngest grade schooler with a beard.
  • I forced myself to play Modern Warfare 3 and played some Ace Combat: Assault Horizons or, as I like to call it, "Ass Whore."

Henry Gilbert

  • It's one of those Jew months.
  • Jews in the south are really secretive.
  • Boo hoo. (To Chris about his ex-girlfriend) She was looking good last time we...
    • Chris: Shut the fuck up. Jesus, why?
  • Right after their rainbow parties.
    • Chris: I got to Red! That's the top of the rainbow.

Hollander Cooper

  • (On Canadian Thanksgiving) Is that when the Eskimos gave the Caribous blowjobs? And they thanked them?
  • (On Nintendo) They're still struggling with what the internet is.
  • We should call all Canadians "Kinectdians" from now on!
  • But when you're in first-person mode, (Mario Kart) you have to use motion controls to turn.
  • That's Why I had my Torah out right now.
    • Mikel: I was wondering why weren't touching that scroll.
    • Chris: Too soon.
    • Mikel: How is that too soon for anything?!
    • Chris: That was the joke; It was literally Before Christ.
  • In Japan, when you stop being a game developer, you leave and do something else. In America when you stop, you go start a mobile game company.
    • Chris: You pull a Richard Garriott. And what did he say?
    • He announced that console gaming was dead, and knows that because he made one successful game in the last 10 years. He is such a boob.

QOTW: First game magazine experience? 1:57:00

  • Mikel: 1989 Buyer's Edition of EGM, but later remembered Nintendo Power.
  • Henry: Possibly GamePro. The first magazine that was about games he bought was probably Nintendo Power.
  • Chris: Of course Nintendo Power. And a buyer's guide from Montgomery Ward that got him into EGM.
  • Cooper: Scholastic book guides with 7 shitty games to order.

Link: TalkRadar 189 - Mario Karty

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