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Date: December 16, 2011

Length: 1:55:27

Hosts: Mikel, Henry, Cooper, and Chris

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: Charlie Sheen at the VGA's 2011

Closing Words: Mikel: Seriously, it's going to be great. So, uh, stay tuned.

Closing Song: Ronnie Jones - Video Games

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Cooper announced he was part of the Jewish decedents
  • A general acceptance of the Video Game Awards’ Style

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Yakuza 4 to tales from Tokyo 7:20 – 9:25
  • Alan Wake: I’m a Writer 1:03:40-1:04:50

Chris Antista

  • Today I bought my fat fucking mother a Wii last year to lose weight, how much you wanna bet she’s fatter?
  • That’s a father and his daughter right? (On the game The Last of Us)
    • Henry: They imply a father-Daughter relationship
    • A sexual relationship!?
    • Cooper: Image Sully and female Drake, less sexual then Sully and Drake.

Mikel Reparaz

  • I was actually raised in a box, food was given to me by sticks
    • Chris: THE BAND!?
    • Yes I was raised by the band Styx
  • If Suda 51 joined the FBI would he be Suda Fed?
  • (Rayman Origins) One of the best sidescrollers of this past decade
    • Cooper: Everything you wanted out of Donkey Kong Country returns that you weren’t given b/c that game sucked you get with Rayman. That game (DKR) lined up every dick it could find ALL OF THEM. Quick I need to find 150 dicks to line them all up and just suck them all.
    • Mikel: You realize I’m imagining Donkey Kong doing that all
  • God damnit. Fuck you Reparaz

Henry Gilbert

  • I think Outland’s other problem that it came out outside of the summer of arcade which didn’t have any special promotion
    • Cooper: So you’re telling me that there’s a game on this list published by Ubisoft. That the issue may have been timing.
  • (On Star Wars Week) That sounds like enough Star Wars to choke a Sarlacc pit

Hollander Cooper

  • I’m the token Jew in this room
    • Mikel: I’m only Jewish by marriage I never actually converted
    • Well if you had a kid the kid would be Jewish
    • Henry: Is your mother’s vagina Jewish?
    • Chris: didn’t you have a rabbi bless your balls before you got married?

QOTW: If you were to pick 2012's VGA host, who would it be? 1:41:30-1:45:00

  • Mikel: Steve Agee
  • Cooper: Donald Glover; Dan Harmon (Henry's first choice)
  • Chris: Kumail Nanjiani (Henry's second choice); Nolan North; Nathan Fillion
  • Henry: Chris Hardwick

Link: TalkRadar 191 - No Respect

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