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Date: January 6, 2012

Length: 2:37:05

Hosts: Mikel, Henry, Cooper, and Chris

Special Guest(s): None

Intro: Gary Oldman on Conan

Closing Words: Mikel: We're gonna take a break. When we come back, it'll be next week.

Closing Song: Super Smash Bros. Melee - DK Rap (Kongo Jungle)

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • Talks of creating a Top 7 games with Revelations in the title and ranking them on how revelatory they are.
  • GamesRadar now has a COMMUNITY MANAGER!!!

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Christmas/Hanukkah stories are:
  • Chris used drugs? Spent New Year’s making a sparkler teepee that exploded on his hand, described as white hot magnesium fire and burned his entire hand.
  • Cooper spent his last days of 2011 hitting past 9 days in the Old Republic
  • Mikel spent his time in South Carolina with his parents and later at the airport shuffling newly acquired graphic novels between bags to not pay a fee.
  • Henry watched movies (Hugo) and an Archie Noir story.
  • Taco Bell’s Menu 5:00-6:20
  • Duke Nukem Voices… 1:12:30 -1:14:00
  • 100$ DLC turned to wearing the I Am Rich app 1:32:40-1:34:00
  • Dick Swap Notes 1:46:40 -1:49:00
  • MORE DUKE DISSCUSSION 1:55:20-2:02:00
  • Background conversation about Chris’ balls 2:10:00-2:12:00

Chris Antista:

  • Just because you’re an RPG doesn’t mean you’re a chronicle
  • I can’t imagine what Resident Evil has to revel, OHH! It was the COO of the Umbrella Corporation! What? It was Jill’s Fa fafafa Father!?
    • Cooper: Wesker was really the president!? HE DIDN’T DIE?
  • Just like with a husband who beats them, that’s what all Final Fantasy 11 players are. “He, he loves me he’s getting better I promise!”
  • (Duke Nukem Forever) This was written by Quentin Tarentino at 9 years old
    • Mikel: What if we have rape in our game? That would be awesome!
  • (Batman Arkham City) How many times did you hear prisoners in the game who were hungry?
    • Henry: (Gruff) What can I get for a cup of coffee? Ugh
    • Chris: (Brooklyn accent!) I’m Starving over here, but the Joker over here doesn’t have any more canned food!
    • Mikel: Well the Joker had to eat all the Frijoles Negroes himself! Now he’s FAT!
    • Chris: I wish I was back in the turn of the century Brooklyn

Mikel Reparaz:

  • Oh my gosh Chris your going to make me cum
  • To be fair any sentence that involves the word Archie sounds stupid
  • (On Original Prince of Persia) One of the first games to use rotoscoping, Jordan Mechner had flimed his nephew
    • Chris: His Nephew was who? Andy Serkis!
    • Cooper & Henry: I thought you are going to say Jake Gyllenhal
    • Henry: Let’s pretend that movie didn’t happen
  • I’m ready for some Kim Jong ILL-Ness
  • I haven’t heard of the word ese said so many times in a game.
    • Cooper: You haven’t been to my college English class
  • What if we have rape in our game? That would be awesome!
  • (ON Randy Pitchford’s analogy) NO! A better analogy would be sometimes people prefer a patty from a school cafeteria over something at Red Robin! It is not a greasy burger! It’s a really shitty greasy burger! Call of Duty is a Greasy Burger.
    • Cooper: Call of Duty is an Applebee’s Burger, This game is like the White Castle frozen burger
  • (Correcting himself on a username) It hurts to poop
    • Chris: I thought it was my grandmother

Henry Gilbert:

  • Ninja Gayden?
    • Mikel: Den of Gay Ninjas
  • His Boobs were huge (Prince of Persia 3D ripping Tomb Raider)
  • Blackwater gets to make their own game
    • Chris: That’s like OJ getting to make his own LA Noire
  • (Game deals) Eh, just go to Amazon…
    • Mikel: That’s game deals everybody!

Hollander Cooper:

  • (King of Fighters 13) It was made by one guy in Arkansas who hates every other ethnicity.
  • Over the last 14 years how much money’s worth of drugs do you think was consumed?

QOTW: What's your anti-game of the year? 2:07:00-2:16:00-2:28:40

  • Mikel: Call of Juarez: The Cartel
  • Henry: Rise of Nightmares
  • Cooper: BloodRayne: Betrayal
  • Chris: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3; Disney Universe

Link: TalkRadar 193 - More like Dookie Pukem

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