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Date: February 5th, 2010

Length: 2:15:00

Hosts: Chris, Tyler, and Henry

Special Guest(s): Ryan McCaffrey

Intro: The Whitest Kids You Know

Closing Sounds: Henry Gilbert laughing

Closing Song: Xplosion Man

Content Covered:

Notable Facts:

  • The word "boner" is used forty one times in seven minutes during the discussion of the QOTW.
  • Ryan McCaffrey's first appearance
  • Ryan's two favorite games of this generation are Mirror's Edge and Bioshock.
  • 1st Break Balrog Street Fighter rap
  • Hero by Nickelback is Chris Antista's favorite stupid hero anthem
  • Creed wins biggest successful music fuck up of the decade brought up by Ryan
  • Collegehumor Mario and Sonic sketch played in 2nd break

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • I'd throw my girlfriend under the bus for Assassins Creed 2.
    • (Wiki) The hugest compliment until I read my bio page.
    • Journalism in a drunken podcast go very well together.
    • I went on a quest to find the worse youtube tribute video.
    • This is a DEFCON 4 erection. I should probably empty it.
    • The Japanese beat you to the punch.
    • No one wants a Final Fantasy MMO.
    • Do you know what I would like to see with a boner? The Boy and his Blob.
    • The TalkRadar chimpanzee means we need to move on.
    • It's like if Vince Vaughn had to do community service. You need to host the Comedy Hour Mr. Mega Actor.
    • The TalkRadar Giant Bomb rivalry is back.
  • Henry Gilbert:
    • Saw Invictus. I have no idea how Rugby works. It's like Quidditch, only has gravity inflicted on it.
    • If you played all the Lego games pick up Playmobil Knights.
    • THQ pays me off by sending me to UFC.
    • You guys talk about your boners.
    • You can't be gay as a male shepard.
      • Chris "I can't believe gay would exist if you could have sex with aliens."
  • Tyler Wilde
    • "Ryan McCaffery. You at KOXM pay for listeners.
    • I'm pretty sure 1 or 2 listeners will shank me in the future.
    • Can his boner talk to Slippy.
    • Show me Tails with a boner but I already have the internet.
    • It's insane we don't deserve this, but we do.
    • Why would they release White Knight Chronicles on Black History Month?
      • Henry "That sounds like he second in command of the KKK."
  • Ryan McCaffery
    • Square Enix is going on the 3D Realms development cycle.
    • Can I smoke weed on the side of the mountain with Shaun White?
    • If you have a 20 GB PS3 that is a collector's item.
    • It's like Chad Kroger wrote all of his stuff in Middle School and just got around recording it.
    • Creed Scott Stapp is the biggest successful fuck up of the 2000's.
      • Chris "He shouldn't have won a talent show, yet alone a Grammy and millions of dollars."

Question of the Week 71: What game character would you like to see with a boner?

  • Chris Antista- Kirby is the walking boner.
  • Henry Gilbert- Mario, Master Chief, but if it shows, its a powerful cock
  • Tyler Wilde- Slippy from Starfox 64 getting a boner

Link: Episode 87

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