First of anything that happened on TalkRadar. Could consist of a word, segment, break, phrase, or sound effect first used.

First Of

Episode 1

  • First to talk - Chris Antista
  • First to say "fuck" - Chris Antista
  • First speaker not to be in podcast room - Dan Amrich
  • First Game mentioned on TalkRadar - Katamari in reference to a urinated shirt. (Chris) For game title 1st Metroid. (Brett Elston)
  • First Story mentioned: Chris Antista about his piss shirt.
  • First Sound Effect: Dramatic Chipmunk
  • First to say "pedophile" - Chris Antista
  • 420 joke made by - Mikel Reparaz or Chris Antista hard to tell because of audio quality.
  • First Niko Bellic impersonation - Brett Elston
  • "No Prablem" - Dan Amrich

Episode 2

  • First dick joke - Chris Antista- "Sr. Editor of Dick Jokes"
  • First Boner- Chris Antista

Episode 3

  • Mario 2, Mega Man 2, and Pokémon first mentioned.
  • First time Tyler Nagata was mentioned.
  • First videogame related commercial played on TalkRadar. Nintendo Power.

Episode 5

  • First instance of the Bill O Reily "Fucking sucks" sound effect.

Episode 6

  • First to say "rape" - Chris Antista
  • First Question answered by hosts "Biggest gaming addiction story?"

Episode 7

  • First to say "cocksucker" - Mikel Reparaz
  • First shoutout "TheSuburbianRuins" by Chris Antista

Episode 8

  • First contest winner announced on TalkRadar: Pixeltiger
  • First mention Antista wanted a videogame tattoo.

Episode 9

  • First mention of a Kandy Kong neckhole

'''Episode 10'''

  • First mention TalkRadar mentioned to play and or buy Okami. (Brett Elston)

'''Episode 11'''

  • First mention of Brett Elston hating the song Changes by David Bowie.

Episode 12

  • First time Chris Antista showed his pubes and nutsack to show others he was going commando.
  • First time Ass N titties was played

Episode 13

  • First mention of "musclefuck" by Chris Antista
  • First of many mentions of Brett Elston mentioning Branson, Missouri.

Episode 16

Episode 17

  • First time Mikel Reparaz was referred as Wikiparaz
  • First time Chris Antista started the fake feud with Tyler Wilde which lasted to Episode 37
  • First appearance with Seth Killian

Episode 18

  • First QOTW

Episode 19

  • First time TalkRadar community was referred as TDards.
  • Henry "Motherfucking" Gilbert started

'''Episode 22'''

  • First of "Hey want to listen to the rest of the mothefucking podcast" by Brett Elston

'''Episode 23'''

  • First of Hey shut up this is Brett.

Episode 27

  • First time of Game Deals.
  • First appearance of Lizzie Cuevas

Episode 30

  • First time "Save a little money for a Rainy Day" used for Game Deals
  • First time shoutouts for new users were done.

Episode 31

First time $5 Footlongs and Morning Radio DJ's were officially used.

Episode 34

  • First time Current Affair sound effect was used, but first used for Elston Remembers.

Episode 35

  • Current Affair sound effect was used for Mikel Reparaz justification which grew up to be Wikiparez

Episode 37

  • Brettlesnake
  • First origins of Apple Pie Hitler Stevenson.

Episode 39

  • Chris Antista smells like Pizza started by Shane Patterson.

Episode 44

  • First numerical episode of Chris Antista not being present.

Episode 45

  • First use of Ambassador Blanka and Guile's Sonic Boom from the cartoon
  • First mention and use Astro Gaming headsets

Episode 46

  • First time name puns on hosts were used for shout outs.
  • First use of Ambassador Blanka, and Guile's Sonic Boom from the animated TV show.
  • First appearance of Paul Ryan and Tyler Nagata
    • 1st pun "HeyShutUpThisIsBrett"
    • 2nd pun, but 1st Antista pun "Antistahungryforlove"

Episode 47

  • First time Keyboard Cat was used.
  • First time Mikel Reparaz jokes about this podcast being 6 hours long. Indirect prophecy of episode 100

Episode 49

  • First appearance of the King of Names.

Episode 50

  • First Appearance of The Blackout Band.
  • First use of the TalkRadar Movie Trailer

Episode 52

  • First of Cecil from FFIV DS "WHYYYY!?!?!?!".

Episode 53

  • First Dream Chris Antista analyzed from the community. First dream was DEFAULT's.

Episode 56

  • First time Wilford Brimley was impersonated.

Episode 59:

  • First Roast on TalkRadar.

Episode 60

  • First time TalkRadar had a professional mixer

Episode 61:

  • First appearance of Cheryll del Rosario

Episode 68

  • First appearance of Christian Nutt.

Episode 69

  • Beginning of Ask a Garms Jarnalist

Episode 70:

  • First appearance of AJ Glasser.

Episode 74

  • First appearance of Veronica Belmont.

Episode 77

  • Chris Antista 1st use of Barry White impersonation

Episode 81

  • Chris Antista 1st use of a Randy Newman impersonation.

Episode 83

  • First time a TDard coolbowling donated whiskey to TalkRadar.

Episode 86

  • First mention of TalkRadar Wiki.

Episode 88

  • First use of the "Number 7" to "Number 1" sound effects

Episode 92

  • First time calls were answered for the TDar Hotline.

Episode 93

Episode 103

  • First time friend of host appeared on podcast. Spicules

Episode 108

  • First "interruption'" due to "lack of hard drive space".

Episode 110

  • Michael Grimm is the first person to appear on TalkRadar as a guest, and an employee for GamesRadar

Episode 112

  • Arc Rise Fantasia is TalkRadar's first sponsor.

Episode 129

Episode 134

  • First time TalkRadar's podcast room has soundproofing.

Episode 138

  • First time Carolyn Gudmundson hosts TalkRadar.
  • First time both Chris and Brett were absent from the same podcast.

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