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People and organizations interviewed on TalkRadar

  • Cliffy B Gears of War 2 Episode 22
  • David Hasselhoff Episode 42
  • The Conduit Episode 47
  • Dead to Rights Retribution Episode 49
  • MS3TK Episode 56
  • That one Baptist Church Episode 68
  • Metroid Metal Episode 70
  • Robert Bowling MW2 Episode 70
  • Tony Hawk Episode 78
  • Rivers Cuomo (rough quotes) "I've played some games on the Atari 2600. That's behind me now. I'll talk about the album art, and then I gotta go back to making music." Episode 86
  • Founders of OC Remix Episode 89
  • The Grinder & War for Cybertron Episode 92
  • Rocket Knight Episode 97
  • Marc Griffin Inclusion Sports Episode 99
  • New Pirates of Carribean Game Episode 101
  • Laura Croft Guardian of Light Episode 102
  • Epic Mickey Warren Spector E3 Day Two 2010
  • Harmonix Rockband 3 and Dance Central Episode 113
  • Tim Schaefer and Tasha Costume Quest Episode 116
  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Interview Episode 123
  • Cave Story Episode 138
  • The Glowing Stars Episode 140

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