Matt Cundy is the only TR UK host to come from Cornwall. His birthday is Christmas Eve (Dec. 23th)

In terms of the TR UK podcast hosting heirarchy, Matt appears to be second-in-command; he is usually the first host to assume the mantle of podcasting leadership whenever Nathan is out traveling to preview events or out sick.

Unsurprisingly, whenever he is lead host, sex jokes and hilarity run rampant.

Matt is currently the Editor in Chief of GR UK.


  • He provides sound effects to both the Talkradar UK podcast and everyday conversations, by performing
    Matt 'tache2--article image

    The epicness that is the Matt'tache

    various mouth- shapes, like a circus contortionist of noises.
  • He likes Cornwall and gives it 7 out of 10 acorns.
  • He sympathizes with the Legend of Zelda character Tingle for always being picked on for his tight green jumpsuit, having experienced wearing a tight green jumpsuit himself.
  • He can make his children laugh by saying, "....And then his bum fell off!!! Thpppp!"
  • Has the best moustache ever rivaling that of Captain Price.
  • According to TR UK 36's news of Stuart Black's perspective on Electronic Arts' Rules of Individuality, Matt has the ability to be "a person...a building block...a piece of cheese" at any given time. These skills may or may not be caused by his mustache-growing power.
  • In TRUK 41, Matt says he was born in 1941, making him 69 years old in 2010.
  • His favourite game is 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. A strong 7 out of 10 game.
  • Turns into a character from Eastenders when he's scared.
  • He loves "OO-RPGs" on handhelds.
  • If he thinks that you're saying something that's insulting or negative towards him he'll respond with "ARE YOU MUGGIN' ME OFF?!"
  • Apparently loves "the buxom wenches with the big boob-adoots"; having been asked what sort of video game-related superpower he'd like to have, he replied, "the ability to have UNLIMITED SEX".
  • Is usually considered the Chris Antista of the the GR UK Team.
  • Boosh.

Games associated with Matt from the podcastEdit

  • Tetris
  • 50 Cent: Blood on the Sands
  • NBA Jam
  • Pac Man (Atari 2600)
  • Ghost Trick


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