Chris Antista brings up Counter Strike a lot, and this article will document all times he's brought the game up.

Episodes Chris Mentioned CounterStrike

TalkRadar 3: Mention for favorite games. Lumped in Mega Man 2 and Mario 2 as well.

TalkRadar 6: Lost girlfriend due to CounterStrike.

TalkRadar 8: Played CounterStrike when friends played Diablo.

TalkRadar 18: Lost girlfriend due to CounterStrike. This time with more information.

TalkRadar 19: I don't play PC FPSes except Counter Strike.

TalkRadar 38: QOTW. Bad break up story

TalkRadar 62: Top 5 Games of All Time.

TalkRadar 74: Escaping in to games.

TalkRadar 77: Favorite multiplayer experience.

TalkRadar 83: The specials on steam holiday sale on being $5

TalkRadar 97: QOTW Game he couldn't imagine not having multiplayer.

TalkRadar 107: Game Deals for Steam Summer Sale edition 66% off.

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