With limited research from careful listening and documenting, Mario 2 is probably the most mentioned game from Chris Antista. More so than Mario 64 or CounterStrike.

  • Episode 3: Chris Antista mentioned it as one of his favorite games. 3/5 of favorite games in Episode 3 were reused in Episode 62.
  • Episode 16: Birdo "A dinosaur with a gaping mouth. Ripe for hard cock."
  • Episode 18:
  • Episode 47: Closing song Mario 2 ending remix by Twishart
  • Episode 51: QOTW A game he goes back and play.
  • Episode 62: Top 5 games of all time
  • Episode 71: QOTW Game you played and beat, and no one else has.
  • Episode 103: Things you didn't know about Mario 2.

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