All questions answered by TalkRadar US that aren't Question of the Week. Includes questions that pre date the Question of the Week, and also include TalkRadar Hotline calls.

Episode 14:

  • What does your online name handle mean?
  • What game should get the Mega Man 9 treatment?

Episode 15:

  • What was the first videogame you played?
  • First game reviewed at Gamesradar?
  • Why does the mainstream media hate the gamers?
  • What's special about Square Enix games on DS are $40 instead of $35?
  • Who watches the olympics?

Episode 16:

  • What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?
  • What is your favorite song to play in Rock Band or guitar hero?

Episode 92:

  • Thoughts on LA Noire?

Episode 93:

  • Proper protocol for game invites?
  • Favorite videogame coverband?

Episode 96:

  • Suffer from burnout of playing too many videogames?
  • Who's idea to start TalkRadar?

Episode 98:

  • Who should die Tyler Perry or Hitler?

Episode 99:

  • Is it creepy that people know a lot about you yet you know nothing about them?
  • Creepiest character to see them doing it?
  • More 24 hr gaming sessions in the future?

Episode 102

  • Stories of disillusionment of being a games journalism?
  • Movies based on King Arthur?

Episode 103:

  • Favorite moment on TalkRadar?
  • What do you think about Green Day Rock Band?
  • What classic game series would you like to see in a compiliation?

Episode 107:

  • What SNES Final Fantasy game should I play first on my emulator?

Episode 109:

  • What game where you obsessed with while gaming?
  • Is there a moment in a game that didn't make you cry but, moved you? A game that suprised you? (Already QOTW 26 in Episode 42)
  • Hardest boss had to face in a game?

Episode 110:

  • What about the new videogame legislation in California on banning M rated games to minors?

Episode 113:

  • Most enjoyable videogame movie?
  • What happened to File Radar?
  • Favorite videogame genres?

Episode 114:

  • Thoughts on Mafia II?

Episode 115:

  • Why does GamesRadar do a Top 7?

Episode 116:

  • Most embarassing gaming story?
  • Favorite PC game from the 90's?

Episode 117

  • Favorite They Might Be Giants album?
  • Who would win in a fight to the death? (TalkRadar Hosts)
  • Thoughts on Scott Pilgrim bombing?
  • Favorite menu in a game?

Episode 119:

  • Biggest douche videogame character?

Episode 120:

  • What game you played and like, but bashed and hated before?
  • Why doesn't anyone talk about how hot Carolyn Gudmunson is?
  • What is the manliest game ever made?
  • What was with the upbeat jazz on TalkRadar 119?

Episode 121:

  • Favorite song in Guitar Hero?
  • Why no recent themed weeks at GamesRadar?
  • What developer would you want to make what game?

Episode 123:

Episode 124:

  • How is Spiderman in Revenge of Shinobi on Genesis 1990?
  • Favorite animal companion in games?

Episode Number:

Why the fuck there isn't a StarWars Battlefront III?

Episode 128:

Could there be a Unicron in the latest Transformers movie?

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