Shy Fonzie is voiced by Mikel Reparaz. It was first used when discussing God of War III. Introduced in Episode 93.


  • 'You want the swords on the chains? It's got the swords on the chains."
  • "I wear my jacket out of imitation leather because... I don't want to hurt a cow."
  • "I worry about my carbon footprint."
  • "Cousin titties."
  • "Oh my car."
  • "I'm afraid of the punching"
  • "I drive a very quiet motorcycle."
  • "The jukebox is broken. I'll kick it if the proper owner says it's okay."
  • "I don't know if I should kick the computer. I'm a computer!"
    Talkradar shy fonzie by firagashark-d426xj7

    By MrSuitMan

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