COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Our readers insert the star of Kinectimals

Skittles should be in every game - By Chris Antista

Those who didn’t listen to our first E3 Special, co-hosted by The Official Xbox Magazine and KOXM’s Ryan McCaffery, probably don’t remember this momentary little obsession. But try and remember all the way back to Microsoft’s 2010 Press Conference… Now, what would you say was the standout game? Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Halo: Reach? Gears 3 co-op? Wrong, bitch! It was Skittles the Tiger, star of the Kinect’s upcoming retail bombshell: Kinectimals!


Above: See him now, before he's too famous

Obviously, our readers/listeners agree, otherwise why would they have taken it upon themselves to fulfill the wish of ever gamer? Hey: Let’s put Skittles in every game!

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