People present

  • tehceewee
  • woodsie
  • sarcasticirony
  • kmdeftones
  • ashley
  • katiesaurus
  • tokengirlstfu
  • churcheswife
  • knucklesdawson
  • chaingunpope
  • shanghaisix
  • batman5273
  • catw0od
  • JugglerofGeese
  • GuinessGamer
  • bloodyshadow
  • flabslapper
  • aforextreme
  • Jayson Canning
  • zanthis
  • CLinendoll
  • Zack
  • Rockmotron9000
  • TedRossi
  • Ted Didlo/chinspired (The Brahmin)
  • Samael76
  • Willyfresh
  • Original Mr Bibz + old bro and cousin
  • turbobison
  • Dan
  • TURbo

Funny Stories and Quotes

Chris Antista

  • Stranglehold The story of Chris Benoit?
  • More old PC games people don't want?
  • TURbo is giving away ancient PC Games.
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted. Who could forget it? Obviously EA
  • 4 CD's of quality entertainment.


  • You said it was a 10/10 in your heart. You are full of shit.

PAX East 2012 LaserTime Live Show!01:16:21

PAX East 2012 LaserTime Live Show!

Ted Rossi
  • So 1926 was a sad day for America. Women got to vote. They should be in the kitchen.
  • I didn't play Far Cry 3.

Eric Woods

  • Listen to a book!
    • Chris "These are our sponsors. This is serious!
  • I played a game. I played my dick.
    • Chris "Let me hold that."

Brett Elston

  • Be a Community Manager so you will get shit for stuff you never did.

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