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Date: November 11th, 2009
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Length: 00:57:58

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Matt Cundy, Dave Meikleham, and Justin Towell.

Tagline: It's educational gaming ideas gone wrong in this week's episode.

What to expect...Edit

  • A needlessly complicated explanation of Plants vs. Zombies
  • Justin bragging about being a record breaker. Again
  • Your questions from Twitter, Facebook and the forums answered
  • Celebrity spotting at the Golden Joystick awards
  • The most bizarre stream of conciousness EVER from the mouth of one team member

Question of the Week: You've been asked to provide an educational game for children, that will both appeal to them and educate them. What is your pitch for the game?

  • Justin: Pokémaths - Learning maths in the style of Pokémon.
  • Dave M: Scotish 101 - Learn things about Scotland and how it's different from the rest of the UK. (Took first answer)
    Uncle Dave&#039;s Scottish 101

    Dave M's game brought to life

  • Matt: GamerTrainer - Learn how to be a gamer.
  • Nathan: Learn how to go through life, making real-life choices and seeing how they would work out if you did it yourself.

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