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Date: December 2nd, 2009

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Length: 01:01:54

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Matt Cundy, George Walter, and Justin Towell.

Tagline: The one where Modern Warfare 2 online is referred to as unbalanced and we relax the swear laws.

What to expect...Edit

  • A slightly contentious view of Modern Warfare 2 online
  • Our tips (read: a reputable betting site's) for Christmas #1 in the games chart
  • Social networking connectivity in games gets shoe-ing
  • George inexplicably getting louder halfway through the show
  • Some blue language
  • A random history lesson from George. "No, come back it get's better honest"

Question of the Week: What do you think gaming will be like 100 years from now?

  • Justin: No consoles or controllers and holographic projection.
  • George: Better graphics.
  • Matt: No gaming, because everyone's more interested in virtual sex.
  • Nathan: Like The Matrix where you "plug in".

Confession sectionEdit

-TURbo (listener) confesses that in college, he wrote a 3-page Chinese history essay on the Story of the Stone for my friend Darran. He got paid 50 dollars for this and used that money to but Burnout Paradise for the PC. It took him 2-hours and he got a C.

-Philip Shaw (listener) confesses that he's become so obsessed with trophies that he's played Hannah Montana on the PS3 for 5 hours to get a platinum trophy.

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