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Date: February 10th, 2010
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Length: 01:10:53

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Matt Cundy and Dave Houghton

Guest Host(s): Andy Kelly

Tagline: The one where we discuss the demise of the J-RPGs

What to expect...Edit

  • A discussion on whether current J-RPGs are broken
  • Some members of the pod getting steamy under the collar over some games characters. Eugh
  • Your answers to Question of the Week
  • PSM3's Andy Kelly casting off his shackles of Sony oppression and confessing his love for the Xbox
  • Some high-brow information from Professor Cundy

Question of the Week: Which is better, online or offline multiplayer?

  • Dave H: Offline
  • Matt: Offline
  • Andy: Online
  • Nathan: Oflfine

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