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Date: March 17th, 2010
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Length: 00:46:01

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Dave Meikleham, Matt Cundy and Justin Towell

Tagline: The one here we talk about games, but maybe too much about strippers.

What to expect...Edit

  • Our thoughts on the price point of the Modern Warfare 2 DLC
  • An insight into who Cundy's favourite game character strippers are
  • Talk of an NHL 10 mini-game featuring ice skating bears. Sort of. See below
  • A chilling insight into the things Meiks would've done if he hadn't spent so much time on PES
  • And the best punchline to a kid's joke evah! Works everytime, apparently

Question of the Week: Which single game have you wasted the most hours on?

  • Matt: Tetris
  • Justin: Final Fantasy 7 (He's never even finished it)
  • Dave M: PES
  • Nathan: Dragon Quest 8

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