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Date: 31st March, 2010
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Length: 00:59:17

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, George Walter and Dave "Meiks" Meikelham

Tagline: The one where we talk about inspirational games

What to expect...Edit

  • Some <cough> laser-accurate research in the news section
  • A request for a rant from David Micklham. Whoever he is
  • Your answers from Question of the Week
  • A miserable tale of Trophy harvesting from Meiks
  • Your actual voices beamed live from the GamesRadar Hotline

Question of the Week: What game has inspired you to get into something in more depth?

  • George: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City got him into 80s Synthpop
  • Dave M: Shane Warne Cricket '99 got him into cricket
  • Nathan: UFC 2010 made him go to 1 Brazillian Jujutsu class

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