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Date: June 2nd, 2010
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Length: 01:45:11

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Justin Towell and Matt Cundy

Tagline: The one where we regale PR event stories and deliver egg-cellet puns

What to expect...Edit

  • This week's episode features the three-headed hydra of Cundy, Justin and Nathan as you blunder their way through all things game-related. What type of gubbins, you ask? Well...
  • There's a helluva lot of chatter surrounding GTAV where we discuss where we'd like it to be set, whether a return to Vice City would be a good idea and if it was set in Tokyo should Rockstar include a giant Godzilla to battle against
  • There's a shameless bit of self-promotion from Justin as he pimps his latest ModNation Racer's circuit that he took a holiday off work to create.
  • A new smell emerges from the studio that smells like old books. Better than the hot piss smell from a few weeks ago.
  • There's your answers to the episode's Question of the Week - Where should the GTAV be set and why? - which throws up some very interesting and exciting prospects.
  • And there are two stories of varying quality (bad and shite?) about PR events that a) involved sexy models making stern, self-respecting journalists dance around like E-d up students and b) a developer who may or may not have creamed his knickers with brown bum juice.
  • It's certainly a packed episode, and at a whopping 1 hour 45 minutes you're certainly getting your money's worth. If indeed you had to pay for this drivel. Not that you do, mind. Anyways, ENJOY!

Question of the Week: Where would you like GTA V to be set?

  • Matt: Amsterdam.
  • Justin: Tokyo
  • Nathan: A return to Vice City and then finish the PS3/360 era with a return to San Andreas.

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