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Date: June 23rd, 2010
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Length: 01:07:09

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Justin Towell and George Walter

Tagline: The one where we talk about E3 again, this time with hindsight

What to expect...Edit

  • In the wake of the world's biggest game show TalkRadar UK's three brave podcasters are washed up in a studio to try and remember just went on last week in Los Angeles.
  • Hear as Justin, George and Nathan, talk about the game-changing impact of 3DS
  • Activision's incessant (though quite enjoyable) willy waving
  • The new announcements that rocked the E3 'floor' and almost get bogged down in the old 'motion control: it's a bit shit isn't it?' debate for the 43rd podcast in sucession.
  • Question of the week is E3 flavoured too: find out which E3 no-show we were most disappointed about including your ever-welcomed responses.
  • Elsewhere we rile Justin over his persistent PSP flag waving, despite the fact he fully admits he made a mistake forking out for a PSPGo now
  • Plus, on a related note we speculate that Sony's marketing plans must include a audience demographic referred to as 'sucker'.
  • Any other info could be considered spoilers, so best just download and let us penetrate your eardrums for an hour or so.

Question of the Week: What game were you most disappointed not have seen at E3 2010?

  • Justin: Resident Evil PSP
  • George: LA Noir or The Agent
  • Nathan: Uncharted 3

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