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Date: July 28th, 2010
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Length: 01:09:29

Hosts: Justin Towell, Matt Cundy and Dave Meikleham

Tagline: The one where Nathan goes AWOL

What to expect...Edit

  • Once more friends, it is time for the GamesRadar UK team to sit around a microphone and spout gloriously tangental, occasionally informative nonsense about games for the delight and disbelief of your noble eardrums. Taking up this week's talking duties is the verbal triforce of Matt Cundy, Justin Towell and 'Uncle' Dave Meikleham. Give it a listen. Pac-Man and Ewoks ensue. As well as:
  • The News! - In which Meiks turns not knowing anything about fighting games into a veritable art form, and Matt discusses Valve's mistaken banning of Modern Warfare 2 players using the medium of robot noises.
  • Question of the Week - Which you answered. Your answers were to the question If you could own any arcade cabinet, what would it be, and why?
  • What the team are currently playing - Justin opts for Darkstalkers, while Matt and Meiks go for the dark, existential delights of Limbo. Hilarity ensues.
  • GamesRadar Hotline - Where we translate your text and vocal noises into linguistic meaning, and then respond with noises of our own

Question of the Week: If you could own any arcade cabinet, what would it be?

  • Matt: The original Star Wars cabinet
  • Dave M: Jurassic Park
  • Justin: OutRun

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