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Date: August 4th, 2010

Length: 01:05:14

Hosts: Matt Cundy, Justin Towell, Dave "Hoots" Houghton and Dave "Mr Spoils" Meikleham.

Tagline: The one with the guitar, the magic and the Pikmin cosplay.

What to expect...Edit

  • It's a milestone for TalkRadar UK, which reaches its 50th episode in some style. It's party time both in terms of the hats donned by messrs Cundy, Towell, Houghton and Meikleham and in terms of the subjects tackled. With an electric guitar, cosplay (pictured) and a magic trick, this is one podcast you should definitely not miss. As well as:
  • No News! - Nobody wants to talk about news at a party, so instead we've got party hats, lively conversation and... chilled water. Hardcore.
  • Question of the Week - Which you answered. Your answers were to the question If you could bring any videogame character to a party, who would it be and why? And one of them went a bit dark. Which triggered Meiks to go a bit dark and weird.
  • The best game released since the podcast began - to replace 'what we've been playing' for this special episode. Could one game really be the choice of two GR editors?
  • GamesRadar Hotline - Where we translate your text and vocal noises into linguistic meaning, and then respond with noises of our own.

Also, electric guitar!Edit

We wanted to do something special for podcast number 50, so Justin brought in his electric guitar to play us a rendition of Magical Sound Shower from OutRun. There's a reason this is in video...


And real magic!Edit

Then Dave H wows us with his astonishing magic trick that not even Meiks could spoil.


Cheap cosplay!Edit

Matt Cundy shows you how to make a Pikmin outfit for the price of a Chrysanthemum.


Question of the Week: If you could invite any game character to a party, who would it be?

  • Justin: Agent Washington, House of Dead.
  • Dave M: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid.
  • Dave H: The Elite Beat Agents, Elite Beat Agents.
  • Matt: Niko Bellic, Grand Theft Auto 4

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