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Date: August 11th, 2010
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Length: 01:23:38

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Justin Towell, Dave "Meiks" Meikleham and Dave "Hoots" Houghton

Tagline: The one with the new retro bit

What to expect...Edit

  • News returns! - Gran Turismo 5 is 'not finished yet', Metal Gear Solid Rising won't have many returning characters and some dude on EVE Online losing over $1,200 of real money in exploded cargo. Fool.
  • Question of the Week - Which you answered. Your answers were to the question Which old games character would you like to see the return of and why?
  • AMAZING NEW SECTION! - The 'appreciation section', which Justin kicks off by discussing one of the first decent 3D games ever.
  • What we've been playing - The unlikely mix of Solitaire, Singularity and PS Move's Tumble.
  • GamesRadar Hotline - Where we translate your texts into linguistic meaning, and then respond with answers.

Appreciation sectionEdit

Justin kicks off the first week of this new section with an old Genesis game, Virtua Racing. Released in '93 and was the first model 1 racing game. He claims that if it were not for this game, modern racing games wouldn't exist or at least not in the form they're in now. It also has triangles for trees. "Triangles for trees for the win!"

Question of the Week: Which old games character would you like to see the return of?

  • Dave M: Chuck Rock, Chuck Rock
  • Dave H: Mike Haggar, Final Fight
  • Justin: Tillis, Burning Rangers
  • Nathan: Toe Jam and Earl, Toe Jam and Earl

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