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Date: August 25th, 2010
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Length: 01:31:22

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Justin Towell, Dave "Hoots" Houghton and Matt Cundy

Tagline: The one with the custard-filled minigame

What to expect...Edit

  • Hello there and welcome to a brand-spanking new episode of your favourite gaming podcast with the words 'talk', 'radar' and 'UK' in the title.
  • This week Matt, Justin, Dave H and Nathan take you on a journey through burning subjects that are currently lighting up the games industry while also stuffing their greedy faces with donuts (video below).
  • So what can you expect from the fearsome foursome?
  • The news!: Find out what happens when online gaming grievances spill into the real world. (Two words: beat down)
  • Appreciation section!: Matt delves into his past to show some retrospective love for a game and character he adores
  • Question of the week!: In which we read out your answers to the question... Which game reminds you most of your childhood?
  • What we've been playing!: We've actually played something other than Super Mario Galaxy 2 this week. Sort of. Woo!
  • GamesRadar Hotline!: We have an actual phone call for once. And loads of your text messages to read out.
  • And mucho, mucho more, erm, oh!

Appreciation sectionEdit

This week Matt appreciates an old and very famous game character, the iconic Pac-Man. Matt feels that though Mr. Pac is a well-know symbol of gaming, he doesn't get the respect that he deserves from his first game. Matt reminisces about how he's had Pac-Man at different stages in his life. He also informs everyone that it was originally call "Puc-Man" but was changed when brought out in America because people thought that pesky kids would start mischievously calling it "Fuck-Man" as a joke

Minigame Challenge!Edit


Question of the Week: What game reminds you most of your childhood?

  • Justin: Magicland Dizzy on ZX Spectrum
  • Matt: Torrente 3 on PS2
  • Dave H: Street Fighter on SNES
  • Nathan: Streets of Rage on MegaDrive

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