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Date: September 1st, 2010
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Length: 01:34:47

Hosts: Matt Cundy, Justin Towell, Dave "Hoots" Houghton and Dave "Meiks" Meikleham

Tagline: The one with the real human hair

What to expect...Edit

  • Hello there and welcome to a brand-spanking new episode of your favourite gaming podcast. Erm... not featuring Nathan Irvine because he's off galavanting around on a separate continent, so this week Matt, Justin, Dave H and Meiks are your hosts, talking rather swearily about stuff.
  • Is this news? Basically, we weren't convinced the news section was, in fact, news, so we're changing it to 'Is This News?' which discusses the big stories of the week. Including a couple of impressions of Scotty from Star Trek.
  • Appreciation section: Meiks delves into the recesses of his mind and emerges with a dinosaur game. Surprise!
  • Question of the Week: In which we read out your answers to the question...What's your weirdest ever dream about video games?
  • What we've been playing: In which Meiks swears he'll kill everyone in the room if he hears the word 'flicky' one more time. So we said it loads and he didn't do a thing.

Appreciation sectionEdit

Dave M blubbers about DinoCrisis 2 praising it's (combo-based) combat system, graphics (with pre-rendered backrounds) and (very surprisingly) a good underwater section.

Minigame Challenge!Edit


Question of the Week: What's the strangest game you've ever had about video games?

  • Justin: A recurring dream where he's in a secondhand shop with a pile of Dreamcast games that are brand new and only a fiver.
  • Dave H: A dream about Half-Life 2 before he had played it. He knew the basics of the plot and filled it in. But in this he pinned G-Man against the wall, whipped out twin Mini Uzis and unloaded clips into his face.
  • Dave M: Multiple dreams about him being bought a console that wasn't out yet.
  • Matt: A time where he kept dreaming about Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis.

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