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Date: September 15th, 2010
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Length: 01:19:38

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Dave "Meiks" Meikleham and Dave "Hoots" Houghton

Tagline: The one without the news

What to expect...Edit

  • The news!: In fact, that's a lie. There wasn't any because on the day we recorded everyone was gearing up for TGS so we leap straight into...
  • What we've been playing!: Meik's discusses his experiences with Halo Reach and Dave H is working his way through PS3's back catalogue.
  • Appreciation section!: Dave H is on the pedastal today with his choice, Snowboard Kids. A game he claims is a better racer than Mario Kart on N64. Yikes!
  • Question of the Week!: Where we discuss your answers to the question... Do you think that gaming shows deserve a place on national TV or have they had their day already?
  • GamesRadar Hotline!: We field your questions sent to us through the medium of text messaging.
  • More, more, more!: <---- what that bit says.

Appreciation sectionEdit

Dave H gets to appreciate something this week. He brings an N64 game to the table this week. It's a racer called Snowboard Kids (don't worry, none of the other hosts had heard of it either). He starts off his appreciating with the insane accusation that it's better than Mario Kart 64 (which he then says is the weakest in the series). It's a downhill, cartoony, racing game that "taught SSX everything it knows" according to Dave H. It has the usual weapons of a cart racer (homing missiles etc.) and apparently has some of the weapons of Mario Kart taken directly. He talks that after you hit the end of the hill, there was a ski lift that you could only go through one at a time and if there's a fight for it, whoever misses it has to wait for the next one. He also mentions that the control system is very deep.

Question of the Week: Do you think that gaming shows deserve a place on National TV or have they had their day already?

  • Dave M: No, their day was the mid 90s.
  • Dave H: Yes, but not in their old form.
  • Nathan: Yes

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