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Date: October 20th, 2010
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Length: 01:41:21

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Matt Cundy and Dave "Meiks" Meikleham

Tagline: The one with the monkey astronaut.

What to Expect...Edit

  • It's here! A fresh helping of the UK's premier podcast that contains games and reference to the Cockney phrase 'Are you muggin' me off?'. This week's triforce of chatter is provided by Cundy, Meiks and Nathan as they blast through all of these things and much, much, much, much, well maybe not that much, MORE!
  • THE NEWS! - Discussing the frankly disgusting large amounts of cash that Microsoft are putting into their Kinect launch that somehow segues onto news about a monkey astronaut.
  • APPRECIATION SECTION! - There's another empassioned appraisal of an old game from Mr Meikleham and this week it's the gone but not forgotten, Shenmue. Apparently, it's the real life simulations that make it such a thrill. We're unsure of this reasoning.
  • QUESTION OF THE WEEK! - Reading out your brilliant answers to this week's conundurum... What's your favourite location from a game and why?
  • WHAT WE'VE BEEN PLAYING! - We play games just like you do, and we also have the same gripes and praise for them. This week we've been playing Dead Rising 2, Castlevania LOS and something called The Last Window.
  • GAMESRADAR HOTLINE! - And it's a fine collection of questions and confessions that we received from you people this week to our mobile telephone machine thing.
  • Much, much... oh, we've already done this bit.

Appreciation SectionEdit

Dave M talks about Shenmue on the Dreamcast for this section this week. He says it was the first game to take the elements of an RPG but not be in some sort of mythical realm. It's also "one of the most grounded games ever". He admits that Shenmue was one of the first games to have QTEs but did them very well. It's also mentioned that the setting is very realistic and went as far as having fully working arcades. He says that there were very mundane tasks in the game but that helped with the realism. His final point was that it was one of the first games on the Dreamcast that wasn't an arcade port.

Minigame Challenge!Edit

The minigame challenge for this week can be viewed here

Question of the Week: What's your favourite location in a game?

  • Matt: The first area of Limbo
  • Dave M: Shadow Moses (from Metal Gear Solid 4)
  • Nathan: Top of Peak 3 in SSX

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