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Date: November 24th, 2010
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Length: 02:01:57

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Dave Houghton and Matt Cundy

Tagline: The one with Ronal McDonald's butchering skills

What to Expect...Edit

  • Hey there. Yes you. Are you curious about what TalkRadar UK is? About what audiological delights await your ears (they're lovely ears, by the way) when you click on the play button below? Well fret no more, because we're about to tell you exactly what you get.Not only is TalkRadar UK home to the internet's best loved catchphrases ('are you muggin' me off' being a particular favourite) it also deals with all the relevant gaming news - good and bad - without the PR choking BS. So you get real insider opinion and reflections on current games and upcoming games from a team of men you can trust. Most of the time. What can you specifically expect from TalkRadar UK today and the trio of Cundy, Dave H and Nathan? All of this and much, much more. P.S. Those ears *really* are lovely. They deserve a treat of the TalkRadar UK variety immediately.
  • NEWS! - Find out what we think about GT5 now we finally have it in the office. Why game AI will never win over everyone and how we feel about ONLive (hint: indifferent).
  • APPRECIATION SECTION! - Dave H gets all misty-eyed about PS2 classic Prince of Persia: Warrior Within in the (sort of) all new section.
  • QUESTION OF THE WEEK! - We plough through your answers to the question Which current or old cartoon show would you most like to see turned into a game and why?
  • GAMESRADAR HOTLINE! - The team play out your voicemails and read out your texts with their mouths.

Appreciation SectionEdit

Dave H has chosen Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Dave first played Warrior Within about a week after it came out. He says that one of the reasons he thinks he like it more than most is because it was the first Prince of Persia game he ever played. He mentions that the best part of the game is its combat which was taken from and improved from Prince of Persia: Sand of Time (Warrior Within's predecessor). He then says that Warrior Within and Sands of Time are in his top 25 games of all time. He says that it actually holds up so well, it's better to play it now because the dark tone of it turned a lot of people off it.

Minigame Challenge!Edit

The minigame challenge for this week can be viewed here.

Question of the Week: Which current or old cartoon would you like to see turned into a game?

  • Matt: A Nintendo adaption of the infamous Zelda-based cartoon
  • Dave H: The Mysterious Cities of Gold
  • Nathan: Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

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