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Date: January 5th, 2011
TalkRadar UK Episode -70 picture

Length: 01:34:31

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Justin Towell and Matt Cundy

Tagline: The one with maggot-filled cheese

What to Expect...Edit

  • We're kicking off 2011 with a change and this new logo is the first of many tweaks to come to your favourite gaming podcast over the course of the year. Regular listeners needn't fret, mind, because there'll still be the <cough> 'accurate' journalism that you've come to expect from the men of GamesRadar UK. Fact. Episode 70 sees us dish out the first audiological treat of the year as Justin, Cundy and Nathan talk you through what games they've been playing over the Christmas period as well as casting an eye over 2011's BIG games. But what else can you expect from TalkRadar UK today? All this and more...
  • NEWS! - The team look at the Christmas #1 at the top of the 'selling' charts whilst becoming mildly aroused at the exciting glut of games due out in 2011. Also, we replace the word 'respectable' for 'Kinectimals' produces comedy mega-LOLZ... for about thirty seconds
  • APPRECIATION SECTION! - Cundy plumps for Medal of Honor to pour his heart out over. He definitely didn't pick this game just before we walked over to the studio. Absolutely not.
  • QUESTION OF THE WEEK! - Well, not really because we, erm, <looks around office> 'Meiks' forgot to do it. Our neglect was in no way connected to us hastily slapping an agenda together. No, sir.
  • GAMESRADAR HOTLINE - Y'all managed to send us some lovely texts over the festive period so it would be rude of us not to read them out, right? Of course it would.

Appreciation SectionEdit

This week Cundy appreciates REZ, Pac-Man, Psi-Ops, Medal of Honour for the original PlayStation. He starts by saying how he thinks people don't remember how great the original few Medal of Honours were and this was the game that started the wealth of World War II first-person shooters that were released in the years after it came out. Matt first played it in 1999 when it came out, this was the last time he played it too. He played it because he had to do a guide for it, like many other of his Appreciation Section games. He mentions that the original PlayStation didn't have too many first-person games and how it was one of the first strong console shooters. The "single best thing" about Medal of Honour was made up of many little parts and that's the atmosphere. It's 63 on his favourite game of all-time list.

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