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Date: February 7th, 2011
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Length: 01:38:46

Hosts: Matt Cundy, Justin Towell and Dave Meikleham

Tagline: The one with the bollock batter

What to Expect...Edit

  • Hello there! But not from Nathan - he's at home, being unwell. Matt kicks off with an informed guess at what's wrong with his bum, but that's not for here. Yes, that's right folks - with our esteemed host away, everyone's favourite Cornishman Cundy is in charge of a particularly sweary podcast, co-starring content editors Dave Meikleham and Justin Towell. Poor, poor iTunes, you won't know what hit you...
  • The GamesRadar Hotline features a phonecall from someone you may remember from last week's podcast, and the ever-informative News and Question of the Week are here for your aural enjoyment. Not to mention the Appreciation Section, which is this week offered by Meiks.

Appreciation SectionEdit

This week saw the turn of "Strawberry Blonde" David Meikleham appreciating the obviously obvious (if you listen to this podcasts everyweek) Shadow of the Colossus. He says the reason he likes it so much is because everything about it was and still is completely unique. When asked the single best thing about SotC, Meiks says that it's the score. The score changes with each Colossi and is taylored to fit to and change with different events in the battle. He also says that it still holds up today.

Question of the Week: What part of your daily life would you like to turn into a game?

  • Matt: Reading
  • Justin: Searching around shops and car boot sales and trading games to make money to buy rare games.
  • Dave M: Hangovers

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