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Date: March 9th, 2011
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Length: 01:31:00

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Justin Towell, Dave Houghton, Matt Cundy and Dave Meikleham

Taglines: The one with the snake trousers

What to Expect...Edit

Roll up! Roll up! Come on in and listen to the gaming podcast that you didn't even know you needed in your life. Mr Dave, Master Nathan and Mrs Cundy bring you a packed show consisting of all things 'gamez'.

  • This week the team discuss GTAV and where all the current internet rumours are placing the location of the game.
  • There's Dave's Appreciation Section where he goes weak at the knees for Carmack's Quake 3.
  • And your answers to Question of the Week - Which game bird would you most like to eat and how would you prepare it?

There's all this and much, much more inside. So don't waste another second. Your whole day, maybe even life, will be much richer with TalkRadar UK in it. Fact. Sort of.

Appreciation SectionEdit

With his return, Dave is the one chosen to appreciate a game this week. He chose Quake 3 Arena to do this. He says that he still plays it regularly enough and has been since it came up. He goes onto say that the best part of the game is the way that it plays. It's incredibly slick and fast-paced. The community are also still finding new things about it! Because of these two thngs, Dave says that it still holds up and that he'd recommend it to anybody.

Question of the Week: What game bird would you most like to eat and how would you prepare it?

  • Matt: Cundy's a vegetarian and so eating birds is against his religion and that's racist.
  • Dave: Choked chicken from Street Fighter 2 and he'd prepare it "quickly".
  • Nathan: The bird from Ting Wings and he'd wood smoke him.

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