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Date: March 30th, 2011
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Length: 01:30:37

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Matt Cundy and Dave Houghton

Tagline: The one with the inappropriate dentist.

What to Expect...Edit

Welcome one and all, to a brand-spanking new episode of TalkRadar UK.

  • This week the inane ramblings slow down long enough to focus on such burning issues as Metacritic's failed attempt to rate developers individually.
  • Cundy is tasked with coming up with a last minute Appreciation Section game and there's a brief tale about an inappropriate dentist.
  • Oh, and don't forget to try QWOP , which we also chat about too.
  • There's also your answers to Question of the Week - What real life skills have you learned from games?
  • Your text messages to the GamesRadar Hotline.
  • And of course the gaming chatter and double entendres that you've come to love from TalkRadar UK. Enjoy!

Appreciation SectionEdit

This week Cundy spontaneously came up with his Appreciation Section game this week which is Pokémon Snap! Cundy said that he was working at a comic called "Pokémon Masters" when Snap came out. He says that the best part of the game was the fact that it felt very free despite the fact that it's actually on-rails. There hasn't been any sequel, but the guys think that it'd be good on the 3DS (with the gyroscope) or the Wii (because it's on-rails). He also said that he'd recommend it to himself because he hasn't played it in ages.

Question of the Week: What real life skills have you learned from games and how have you used them in real life?

  • Dave: Stealth - He spent an afternoon in a shop he worked in working out a route through the shop without being seen.
  • Matt: Grinding - He can now find great places to grind anywhere.
  • Nathan: Slice shot - Virtua tennis taught him how to perform a slice shot.

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