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Date: April 6th, 2011
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Length: 01:38:06

Hosts: Nathan Irvine, Matt Cundy and Dave Houghton

Tagline: The one with the detachable limbs.

What to Expect...Edit

It's podcast time! Specifically TalkRadar UK time! A time when all gaming chatter is broken down into delicious, managable chunks for you to chew on and digest with ease.

  • This week the men of GamesRadar UK discuss how to make the Nintendo 3DS better at getting unfit folk to waddle a bit further each day.
  • There's an Appreciation Section dedicated to forgotten Capcom slash 'em up, Shadow of Rome.
  • Some good news about the new SSX, mainly being it doesn't look awful anymore.
  • There are the usual regulars featuring your answers to Question of the Week - What videogame house would you like to live in and which character would you share it with?
  • Your texts and calls to the GamesRadar Hotline.
  • And more sexual innuendos than you can shake a Carry On DVD at. Enjoy!

Appreciation SectionEdit

Nathan apprieciates Shadow of Rome (or "Fighting Man and Stealth Boy" as it's known in Japan) this week while Cundy takes on the role of the question-asker. It combined a brawler and a stealth game. You would play as a gladiator for the brawler parts and a young boy for the stealth sections (which Nathan personally hated). The game's plot was based around the assasination of Caesar. Nathan's favourite part of the game was the brawer sections in the arena where you could chop people's arms off and beat them with the arms. You could then chase them and if you chased them for long enough they would cower in fear, piss themselves and you could decapitate them.

Question of the Week: Which game-based house would you most like to live in and who'd be the perfect character to share it with?

  • Matt: A luxury pad from Test Drive Unlimited 2 with a "blobby dude from Loco Roco".
  • Dave: The Mario 64 Mushroom Castle with Gordon Freeman.
  • Nathan: The GTA: Vice City mansion with Nathan Drake.

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