GamesRadar: The Movie Or: Why we have the best readers in the universe!Edit

GamesRadar: The Movie by: Chris Antista

If you’re not listening to TalkRadar, this rare weekend article will make you wish you did. Or, confuse the crap out of you... Here's the thing: GamesRadar’s weekly, highly interactive, ridiculously FREE radio show holds all sorts of Contests and what not, and these are just a few of the submissions people sent in for a couple of t-shirts. Truly, above and beyond work, gentlemen!

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Above: Get familiar with these faces

Be warned: Inside jokes abound. That said, we humbly suggest you spend this lazy Easter Sunday catching up on the filty, stupid buffoonery thousands of already people love by downloading a taste right goddamn now! As for what you're seeing below, the prized shirts were movie themed, so we asked folks to incorporate the chattier component of GamesRadar into a movie poster. They went commendably apeshit.

Thread: CONTEST! Win a kickass movie shirt!

Dark Bunny Tees has been kind enough to provide us with EIGHT FREE SHIRTS to give away.

TO WIN Contest is simple: Incorporate GamesRadar/TalkRadar into a movie poster somehow.


Above: Twishart's recent fanart submission is a good example of what we're looking for

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