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Date: March 13, 2011

Length: 2:28:28

Hosts: Chris Antista, Brett Elston, Tyler Wilde, Lizzie Cuevas

Guests: Dan Amrich, AJ Glasser


Closing Words: Chris "You guys are awesome."

Closing Song: "The Will of One - The Protomen"

TDards Appearing in Order:

  • Tdar Fanboys
Scott from Toronto

Content Covered:

  • PAX East 2011
  • Community on the mics
  • Getting fucking wasted

Notable Facts:

  • Hip- Hip-Horray!
  • 5 chants of Hip-Hip-Horray 3 times + Tyler Wilde going solo = 16 Hip Hip Hurrays.
  • Fans were able to ask the hosts questions
  • The fans were as drunk as the hosts
  • TURbo and Batman5273 make their in-person TalkRadar debut as well as the others listed above
  • Rockmotron9000 bought TURbo his first beer, and TURbo drank his first beer at TalkRadar PAX East 2011
  • TURbo spilled 2 beers. One of them next to the recording equipment but saved the day by slurping the beer off the table. Face and shirts reeked of beer for days to come.
  • 1:25:40 ish Scott and Tyler Wilde sing Canada's National Anthem.
  • First time a Black person has been on TalkRadar in person.
  • First time Antista talked to a female listener in person. Antista can now have rebound sex.
  • A crowd gathered around 7:20 PM and the podcast started around 8:15 ish and ended at 10:45 PM
  • Brett Elston is wrong about the date Mass Effect 2 release on 360 and PC. Not TURbo.
  • Baron164 "Vincent" saved a table so their could be a podcast.
  • The podcast was never disturbed by the Convention security or the Enforcers.
  • For some reason it took 20 minutes to order beer at the convention center.

Funny Stories and Quotes:

  • Chris Antista
    • If anyone tries to kick us out of what we're trying to do, It's our friend Humor_Tumor and you're going to show them that, and he's from the Make-A-Wish foundation and its all for him.
    • You gave beer to an underage kid with the word fuckface written on it (cup)
    • You went to the Community Manager Panel and you settled for Bioshock.
    • I took that porcelain statue home and it got "reglazed."
    • I took a sewing class as a Kindergartener since my parents raised me to be gay.
    • I paid for all the beer last PAX thinking I would be reimbursed, which I lost hundreds of dollars.
    • I was not insinuating a blowjob, Lizzie.
    • It's a thing I always do around women, cause you're never sure when you'll sleep with friends.
    • We live to drink.
    • That Anne Frank Gang Rape game went too far.
    • Respect the badge people.
    • I have to wrap it around my leg. That was a terrible joke.
    • We live to drink. We do it real.
    • Alison tell your species about us.
    • My nipples aren't hard, their just giant.
    • My girlfriend isn't going to like that.
    • Where's TALKRADAR QUOTES? I don't want to fight him, just wrestle.
    • What's going on being a teenager. Sit on my lap. (cheerleader convention)
  • Tyler Wilde
    • We live the liver damage. @DrunkTank podcast not keeping it real
    • "Question of the week T-Dards: Hip-hip what?"
    • TURbo have you ever thought of using your abilities to cure cancer?
    • Don't touch that end of the table. You'll make wikis about everything.
    • I'm not doing pedophile work.
  • Brett Elston
    • The saddest moment of my life was reading the Toys R Us wiki article.
    • When you're all thirty you can all say I was in this podcast.
    • Why do so many people take pics of (Antista's) naked chest.
    • When you're all thirty you can all say you were in a podcast.
    • For the people listening, this is really funny guys.
    • Good God, how long is the Canadian Anthem?
    • I jerked off an invisible man.
  • Dan Amrich
    • "What?! There never was an Egghead!"
  • Lizzie Cuevas
    • I'm going to have the biggest cock, oh my god. I'll tuck it in my waistband.
    • No one can suck my dick.
    • I'm telling Heidi.
    • Why would I want to stay with Brett?
  • AJ Glasser
    • You in the middle put your shirt back on.
    • Use the KJV Bible and hit the cyst.
  • Batman5273
    • @Dan Your songs sucks. So does your eye.
    • @TURbo He just had sex with my leg.
  • Scott from Toronto
    • From Canada, we say thank you TURbo.
    • I took my sled dogs down all the way from Canada.
  • TDards in the background
    • "Batman5273 the hero TalkRadar deserves."
  • flabslapper
    • I'm getting turned on seeing (Antista's) nipples through his shirt.
  • willyfresh992
    • (What was running through that guy's mind?) The train.
    • I'm taking the next Bonercycle out of here.
    • It's TalkRadar Bitch!
  • bloodyshadow
    • Kudos to Mortal Kombat, and I don't say kudos since that's a fucking stupid thing to say.
    • Yay sports.
  • Jeremy
    • You have the best podcast.

Link: PAX East 2011



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