TalkRadar UK is the UK's version of the world famous (America, Canada, a handful in the UK and Australia, 3 lads in Ireland and a guy in the Middle East) podcast from GamesRadar, TalkRadar. It featured 6 hosts which can be found on our page specifically for hosts (see below). It started on the 15th of June, 2009 and its first theme was the then recently passed E3 '09. It has been going strong ever since and has since hit milestones like 1st, 2nd and 4th episodes among others. When it passed 100 episodes it went into a hiatus to work out some kinks and to come out more fresh and orginal.

The show starts off with the song Famicom Connection (Tajfel Nipple Remix) by Sabrepulse , an English chiptune artist. Later, starting in the 30s, A little Jazz, a song by The Disco King was used as outro music where there used to be ambience or the ending of the intro song.

List of TR UK Episodes The list of all past present and future casts... Wait, not future. I think you need a flux capacitor for that. They also have their own Official Compendium but we like ours better! :D

TDarUK unofficial logo

Unofficial logo made by breener96

List of TR UK Hosts - The people that you hear when listening to the 'cast, and the guests!

List of TR UK QotWs - Every question ever asked on the 'cast. Well, the official ones, anyway.

List of the TR UK Minigame Challenges - The challenges that the hosts face before (or during) each episode. Sometimes they're less challenges and more...fucking around.

TDar UK logo

Official logo used from episode 33

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